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If you’re anyone but a dental professional, you might be wondering “what is a frenectomy?” A frenectomy is a simple procedure where a small fold of tissue (called the frenum) is removed from the mouth. There are two frenums in the mouth, the lingual and the labial which are located in different places in the mouth.

Children who need a frenectomy often have trouble eating/chewing, speaking clearly, or have teeth that need to be adjusted. Dentists often recommend patients get a frenectomy soon after the issue is detected because the surgery will resolve the problem. Call today to find out if a frenectomy is the right choice for your child!

Two Types of Frenums: Lingual and Labial

The lingual frenum is at the back of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. This frenum restricts the movement of the tongue and if there is too much tissue there it can cause a person to be tongue tied which often causes a speech impediment.

The labial frenum is the tissue located in the top of the mouth that connects the gums to the lip. If it is too long or wide it can create a large gap between the front teeth. 

No matter what type of frenectomy is needed, Platinum Dental Care Ogden uses laser dentistry to make the procedure faster, more efficient, and pain-free.

Why The Dental Laser is


  • Shortened treatment time
  • There is often little to no bleeding
  • Patients will recover faster
  • Causes less damage to surrounding tissues
  • No need for sutures
  • Minimal pain or discomfort

Call today to schedule a free frenectomy consultation appointment!

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