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Onlay and inlay are a form of tooth restoration that is often used to repair a tooth damaged by tooth decay. They are used when the tooth damage is too big for a typical composite filling, but too small for a dental crown. They are typically made out of porcelain and designed to function just like a natural tooth. 

Onlays and inlays are a great way for you to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible while still removing the decay. Think you might benefit from an onlay or inlay? Make your appointment with us today!

What’s it like To Get An Onlay/Inlay?

This restorative technique is different from a composite filling because the onlay/inlay isn’t cured in the mouth. Once the damaged area of the tooth is removed, a member of our dental team will take an impression of the tooth. 

That impression is sent to a lab where the false part of the tooth is created. At a second appointment we’ll check the fit and cement it to the rest of the tooth, and just like that your tooth is as good as new! 

Why You Should Choose


  • Conservative Option. Some patients choose onlay/inlay because as much of the natural tooth is preserved as possible. 
  • Durable way to repair the tooth. They are cemented to the tooth so that your tooth can function normally once repaired.
  • Tight fit. Once fitted in your mouth it will create a tight seal over your tooth to prevent further damage, infection, or inflammation.
  • Scratch resistant. The materials we use to create onlay/inlay will stay strong.
  • Look natural. We use naturally colored material so your smile will look.great.

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