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Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars and typically will grow in anytime during early adulthood. They are like your other molars, but can be problematic if they are not removed. Most people don’t have enough room in their mouths to accommodate four more teeth which is why we recommend having them extracted between the ages of 16 and 19. Removing them before they grow in is effective as it lowers the risk of misaligning or overcrowding the teeth.

Do you or your child need to have a wisdom teeth removal? Come get your consultation with us today!

Ogden's Safest Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When you come in to have your wisdom teeth extracted our team carefully monitors you throughout the process to ensure your safety. We use only the safest, modern techniques and technology  and have the training and experience to make sure you are comfortable and safe.

We’ll help you recover quickly by recommending you ice the outside of your mouth, eat soft foods, take it easy for at least the first 48 hours, and schedule you for a follow up appointment.

Wisdom Teeth


  • Does everyone have wisdom teeth? No, not everyone has wisdom teeth. The best way to find out if you have them or not is to get a dental x-ray.
  • What are symptoms that I need to have my wisdom teeth removed? Pain in the jaw, tenderness, swollen gums, or you can see it poking through the gum behind your second molar. It is also common not to have any of these symptoms.
  • What are impacted wisdom teeth? This is when there is not enough room after the second molar for the tooth to emerge.
  • How will it cost to have my wisdom teeth pulled? Every patient is different which is why we recommend you schedule a free consultation appointment at our office.
  • Can I be sedated while my wisdom teeth are extracted? Absolutely! It is often easier for patients to be sedated during the procedure. 

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